How do I get on the Cash Explosion show?
Buy a $1 Cash Explosion instant ticket from any Ohio Lottery retailer. Scratch the ticket, and look for “Entry” three times. Everything you need to know is on the back of your “Entry” ticket. Completely fill-out the back of the ticket and mail it to the Lottery to be entered into a drawing.
What happens to “Entry” tickets after each drawing?
After each drawing, the tickets not selected are retained in a secure storage area per the Lottery’s Records Retention Schedule.
I sent in my “Entry” ticket. How do I know that the Lottery received it?
You can include a pre-printed self-addressed postcard (available at Ohio Lottery retailers) with your “Entry” ticket. We will mail the postcard back to you.
I sent in my “Entry” ticket. How will I know if I’m a winner?
Someone from the Game Show Bureau will contact you with the good news. We also announce winners on the show, so you could just watch Cash Explosion each week to see if we announce your name!
Does the Champion keep the money they win in their Semi Final Game?
Semi Final Game prizes (not including Bonus Bucks) are traded for the Cash Challenge prize amount of $50,000.
What happens when a player wins the Cash Challenge?
A Semi-Final Game winner trades their game total for the Cash Challenge Prize. The Cash Challenge Prize amount will continue to grow as long as a player continues to win. Defending Champions can also continue to win Bonus Bucks in each Cash Challenge.
What if I don’t see the show in which the Lottery announced my name?
Not to worry. Although we would like you to watch every Cash Explosion show, it is not required in order to win. Contestants are contacted by the Game Show Bureau shortly after they have been announced. If you are too excited to wait for the phone call from the Lottery, you can log onto www.ohiolottery.com or call the Game Show Bureau at 1-800-686-4208, option #5.
What are Bonus Bucks?
Bonus Bucks are special cash prizes that can be found on the Semi-Final and Cash Challenge gameboards. These prizes will be added to a player’s winnings throughout their entire run on Cash Explosion. Bonus Bucks don’t help players advance to or win the Cash Challenge, but they do increase a player’s total winnings on the show.
What is the Cash Challenge Prize Progression?
1 Win = $50K, 2 Wins = $100K, 3 Wins = $200K, 4 Wins = $300K, + $100K for each additional win.