30th Anniversary FAQs

Do I need to keep my tickets with the Special 30th Anniversary Symbol after I enter them?

You do not need to retain 30th Anniversary tickets once they are entered online.


Can I still mail my tickets to the Game Show P.O. Box ?

For Tickets with the Special 30th Anniversary Symbol:
No. Entry is online only for the 30th Anniversary Special.

For Tickets with the word ENTRY appearing 3 times:
Yes. Players may enter either by mailing tickets to the Game Show P.O. Box OR by entering their tickets
online at www.ohiolottery.com/mylotto for the contestant drawing. Tickets may only be entered once.
If entering your ticket online, you MUST keep your ticket. If your ticket is selected, you are required to
provide the ticket for verification purposes.


Is there a special page for me to enter the 30th Anniversary Ticket?

No. You should enter Cash Explosion tickets that revealed the Special 30th Anniversary Symbol in the
place that you enter regular Cash Explosion Tickets with the word ENTRY appearing 3 times.


How are the 30th Anniversary Cash Explosion contestants selected?

During each entry period as players enter their tickets online, they are assigned a number in numeric
order. After the close of each entry period, the number of entries will be confirmed. Once the number of
entries if known, the Ohio Lottery Drawing Manager and a representative of the Auditor of State’s office
will enter the starting number (1) and the ending number (last entry in the entry period) into a Random
Number Generator and select the winning entrants from that drawing.


Is my 30th Anniversary Ticket in more than one drawing?

No. Once a ticket is entered, it will be in the next scheduled 30th Anniversary Show drawing (see
schedule below). The pool of entrants resets for the next drawing and another 30th Anniversary ticket
must be entered to be eligible for any future drawings.


What are the drawing dates for the Cash Explosion 30th Anniversary Show?

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