What do I have to do to be included in the Cash Explosion XL Shows?

Nothing. Simply enter your Cash Explosion ENTRY tickets as you normally would and you will automatically qualify for the XL shows. The entry period for the Cash Explosion XL shows begins on March 24, 2017.


How are teams selected for the Cash Explosion XL shows?

Contestants play in the order they are selected in the weekly drawing. For the XL Shows, players will continue to play in the order they are selected. The first three contestants selected will play at the first podium, selections four through six will play at the second podium and so on.


How do you determine who will play in the Cash Challenge from the winning teams of each Semi-Final game?

There will be a tie-breaker to determine which player form the winning team will have his/her total doubled and that player will play in the Cash Challenge.


Who wins the Cash Bonus Bucks prize on a Semi-Final team?

Each player from each Semi-Final team will have a chance to select a square from the board. Only the player who selected the Cash Bonus square will receive the Bonus prize.


Can I still mail my tickets to the Game Show P.O. Box?

For Tickets with the word ENTRY appearing 3 times:

Yes. Players may enter either by mailing tickets to the Game Show P.O. Box OR by entering their tickets online at www.ohiolottery.com/mylotto for the contestant drawing. Tickets may only be entered once. If entering your ticket online you MUST keep your ticket. If your ticket is selected, you are required to provide the ticket for verification purposes.


For Tickets with the Special 30th Anniversary Symbol:

NO. Entry is online only for the 30th Anniversary Special.