Win More money

The most exciting half-hour on Ohio television – Cash Explosion is now in High Definition (where available)!

The money on Cash Explosion is now bigger than ever before!



Every player on every show wins at least $5,000 – guaranteed! – and the sky’s the limit from there!

Players lucky enough to advance to the Cash Challenge can also win up to $25,000 dollars more in Bonus Bucks. That’s just EXTRA, EXTRA money to take home.

Every player who makes it to the Cash Explosion show is already a winner. Of course, contestants try to win as much money along the way as possible, but the REAL goal in each Semi-Final Game is to finish with the highest GAME total. That amount is doubled and the winner moves on to the Cash Challenge.

Either of the two Semi-Final Game winners can trade their Semi-Final Game prize for a $50,000 Cash Challenge Prize if their luck continues. What happens next is really exciting…they can return to the Cash Challenge to play until their luck runs out. $50,000 can turn into $100,000 that can turn into $200,000 that can turn into $300,000, …and on and on and on!


Chapmionship Prize