How can I be in the audience?
You can make reservations to be in the studio audience simply by going to cashexplosionshow.com. Click on the link that says “Join the Fun”. There are limited seating opportunities, so check often as reservations are often canceled by other guests.
I never received confirmation of my ticket being entered online. What should I do? How do I know when to watch the show to see if I am a lucky contestant?
The Cash Explosion online registry tool no longer sends out confirmation emails. Now players can log into their accounts and click on “my profile.” Here you can see all of the entries that were submitted under your account. You can also visit the “Announcement Schedule” on cashexplosionshow.com to see when you should watch the show for the results of your drawing. You can also contact Cash Explosion by phone to confirm your entries being received.
I was supposed to watch the show to see if I was selected as a contestant, how can I find the results?
You can see the most recently announced contestants by visiting the “Future Contestants” page on cashexplosionshow.com. The list of recently announced contestants is updated on the Monday morning following the announcement date.
Is it better to mail my entry in or to submit it online? Which has better odds?
Your odds of being selected in a Cash Explosion Weekly drawing are the same regardless of your submission type (mailed or online).