New Cash Explosion Ticket

Players: Are you ready to be propelled into a newer, richer generation of Cash Explosion? We’re excited to FINALLY say: Go get your NEW Cash Explosion tickets, Ohio!

The brand new ticket is on sale in retailers across Ohio, and players absolutely love the new features!

Here’s how the new $2 ticket upgrades the Cash Explosion experience our players are used to:

-Bigger Instant Prize: Win up to $5,000 instantly with a lucky scratch. That’s 10 X more than before and the same minimum prize Cash Explosion contestants are GUARANTEED to win on the show!

Best Odds To Win-Ever: Better chances of winning $10 – $500 on your ticket with nearly $2M more dollars in the prize pool.

Instant Prize Multiplier Option: For the first time on a Cash Explosion ticket a 2X or 5X symbol can multiply your prize amount.

$1,000 A Day CASH Giveaway! Your online or mailed-in entry ticket is automatically entered into a drawing for a $1000 prize awarded daily.

– PLUS all entry tickets registered online are STILL eligible for monthly bonus draws!

BIGGER = MORE prize money, BETTER = MORE prize winners, MORE = MORE fun than ever before! If you are a Cash Explosion fan, it’s time to get as excited as we are, Ohio! It’s time for a New Generation of Cash Explosion!

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Name Hometown Winnings