Old School Promotion
Did you know Cash Explosion’s first episode was February 14, 1987?! Whether you’re a new player, or you’ve played for 32 years, we want to say THANK YOU! We’re showing our appreciation by releasing two limited edition tickets! And one of these special tickets gives us a reason to go Old School because, for a limited time, we’re bringing back the $1 ticket! Yep, ONE DOLLAR! But what makes this limited edition $1 ticket totally tubular is that we’ve increased your chances of INSTANT CASH WINNINGS by 75%! That’s right, you’re three times as likely to win some $$$ INSTANTLY.
Don’t forget, we said we’ve launched TWO limited edition tickets! Our second limited edition ticket is two dollars and has some amazing perks because these tickets have three times as many ENTRIES! And of course, finding an ENTRY ticket means you’re eligible for a Cash Explosion contestant drawing! So, THREE TIMES as many ENTRY tickets available = more chances to be in a contestant drawing! Contestants picked to be on the show are guaranteed to win more than $6,000 but have a chance to win much, much more!
Remember, these special tickets are only on sale for a limited time so don’t miss out on your chance to win BIG!
Tickets eligible for contestant drawings can be sent in through the mail or entered online.
Remember, if you entered tickets online, you must hold on to your ticket!