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Every player on Cash Explosion is guaranteed to win at least $6,100! But of course, that’s just the minimum…players have a chance to win MUCH more! 

One by one, 8 players test their luck against their own game board. After all 8 players take their turn, the top TWO players with the highest game totals get their money DOUBLED and advance to the Cash Challenge! 

Each player has a chance to win a little extra cash if they find a trip to our new BONUS BOARD! Lucky players who make it over to the bonus board have an opportunity to find between $10,000 and $50,000 instantly!

Any of the Cash Challenge participants can trade their current Game prize for a $50,000 Cash Challenge Prize if their luck continues. What happens next is really exciting…they can return to the Cash Challenge to play in the next episode until their luck runs out. $50,000 can turn into $100,000 that can turn into $200,000 that can turn into $300,000, …and on and on and on!

Chapmionship Prize